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Liturgical Choir Conductor - Temple Israel

Temple Israel 1301 Prince of Wales Dr, Ottawa ON

Temple Israel is looking for a choir conductor for its Liturgical Choir for the upcoming High Holy Days 2020 and for various events during the year including special Shabbat services and Festivals. We recognize the need to approach choir responsibilities in a creative and unique format as social distancing is required for the short term. 
The Liturgical Choir Conductor works with the Cantorial Soloist and Rabbi to prepare the Liturgical Choir to collectively provide musical leadership to enhance Temple Israel’s worship services and conducts the choir during rehearsals and services. 
Ideal and Essential Qualities:
The Liturgical Choir Conductor has a good understanding of Reform Judaism’s worship services, musical expertise, choir experience, and familiarity with a variety of liturgical music.  Leading by example, s/he demonstrates a sense of kavannah, igniting passion in the congregation and building harmony and cohesion within the Liturgical Choir. 
As a strong team player with a commitment to continuous learning, the Liturgical Choir Conductor works effectively with the members of the Liturgical Choir, the Cantorial Soloist, and the Rabbi in the preparation for Temple worship services. 
Support the Cantorial Soloist to develop the Liturgical Choir
Participate in the selection of liturgical music for various services and programs
Work with the Cantorial Soloist to introduce and teach new musical arrangements to the Liturgical Choir
Lead Liturgical Choir rehearsals including managing group dynamics
Work with choir leadership to coordinate rehearsal times and ensure that materials required for rehearsals and services are available. 

The choir generally rehearses weekly in July and August in preparation for the High Holidays and as needed throughout the year (the winter months are generally quiet). This is a paid position. The term of the contract will be from July 1/20 until June 30/21.  
Deadline for application is May 29, 2020
Please send resume including appropriate skills/qualifications and three references to Cathy Loves, Admin. Assistant, at the Temple Israel office