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Mazel Tov to the 2019 Jewish Community Service Award Recipients!

They will be recognized at Federation's Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, June 19 at the Soloway JCC. 



Seth Kerzner

The Student Leadership Award recognizes students currently pursuing a post-secondary degree who demonstrate leadership and outstanding commitment to the Ottawa Jewish community. This year we are recognizing two student leaders, Seth Kerzner and Tom Podolsky.

Tom Podolsky

Allan Shefrin is this year's recipient of the Freiman Young Leadership Award. The award is given to a young leader who has demonstrated proven leadership to the benefit of Ottawa's Jewish community. The recipient of the Freiman Family Young Leadership Award also receives the Lawrence Greenberg Young Leadership Development Award. 


Charles Schachnow is the 2019 recipient of Shem Tov Community Volunteer Award. This  award recognizes an outstanding volunteer for a lifetime of service dedicated to the betterment and enrichment of Jewish life in Ottawa. 

Steven Kimmel is the 2019 recipien of the Gilbert Greenberg Distinguished Leadership Award. This award is the highest tribute which the Ottawa Jewish Community can bestow on an individual, honouring a lifetime of leadership in the Jewish world. Nominations are solicited every second year.


Jewish Community Service Awards - nominations are now closed until next year

The Jewish Federation has four awards to recognize our community’s outstanding volunteers. Members of the Jewish community are invited to nominate individuals to receive the following community awards at the Annual General Meeting of the Federation each June. Nomination forms and letters of support can be submitted to All nominees must be members in good standing. To find out more about the Gilbert Greenberg, Freiman Family, Shem Tov and Student Leadership award, click the links on the right.


Nominate someone online

Download a Nomination Form pdf

Please email nominating form and supporting documents to or drop them off in person to the front desk of Soloway JCC, Federaton's Chair of the Community Award Selection Committee.

(since 2005 - see full list by selecting each award)

Gilbert Greenberg Distinguished Leadership Award

2017 - Jeffrey Miller
2015 - Jonathan Ben-Choreen Freedman
2014 - Mitchell Bellman
2013 - Maureen Molot
2012 - No winner
2011 - Ian M. Sherman
2010 - Ron Prehogan
2009 - Ingrid Levitz
2008 - Arnie Vered z"l
2007 - Roger Greenberg
2006 - L. Gerald Levitz z"l
2005 - Barbara Farber


Freiman Family Young Leadership Award

2018 - Aaron Smith
2017 - Gillian Presner
2016 - Debbie Scharf
2015 - Howard Fremeth
2014 - Tamara Fathi
2013 - Stacey Segal
2012 - Sharon Reichstein
2011 - Lisa Miller
2010 - Sarah Silverstein
2009 - Jennifer Kardash
2008 - Stuart Ages
2007 - Mitchell Miller
2006 - Jason Shinder
2005 - Jenny Shinder


Shem Tov Community Volunteer Award

2018 - Michael Landau
2017 - Hyman Reichstein
2016 - Merle Haltrecht-Matte
2015 - Flo Morgan
2014 - Henry Molot
2013 - Ruth Aaron
2012 - Issie Scarowsky
2011 - Morris Kimmel z"l
2010 - Blanche Osterer
2009 - Estelle Gunner
2008 - Mayer Alvo
2007 - Sam Ages z"l
2006 - Jerry and Lily Penso
2005 - Hy Bloom


Student Leadership Award

2018 - Jewish Student Leaders of the University of Ottawa
2017 - Eyal Podolsky
2016 - Arielle Ellis