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Where Your Money Goes


Your gift to the annual campaign invests in community, cares for the most vulnerable, opens the door to Jewish life and education, and improves the world. 


Who decides how to spend the money? You do!  Volunteer community leaders, board, and JFO meet regularly to plan, discuss, and review community funding. This process involves a bi-annual application and agreement process that checks financial statements, interviews agencies, and understands program impacts. On an ongoing basis, JFO and Grants and Allocations committee members meet with community partners to understand and prioritize needs, and to evaluate performance.    

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Strategic Funding


New Strategic Funding is available thanks to generous new and increased gifts to the 2019 campaign. Allocated through one-time grants, these dollars boost access to Jewish life, care for the vulnerable, improve our Jewish schools, and provide for a safe and secure community.

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Access to Jewish Life and Experiences

- Connecting our community through celebrations and events.
- Providing young people with social, volunteer, and leadership opportunities. 
- Creating community and friendships on university campuses through Shabbat dinners, leadership development, advocacy, and Jewish learning.
Caring for the Vulnerable

- Bringing meaningful Jewish experiences, observance, and care for residents at Tamir and Hillel Lodge.
- Assisting Holocaust Survivors and reducing isolation among vulnerable seniors. 
- Providing financial assistance and support to those in need.
Jewish Education 
- Offering rich and varied educational opportunities for Jews of all ages and affiliations. 
- Preparing the next generation and supporting Jewish values through inclusive Jewish Day school and supplementary school funding.